Welcome to Jennysong! Founded in 2014 in the SF Bay Area, we specialize in crafting salad dressings, marinades, and sauces. Our recipes are a thoughtful blend of tradition, authenticity, and innovation, all made with real ingredients such as organic sunflower or gluten-free tamari soy sauce. Explore our commitment to quality and culinary passion—you're sure to find something delightful!

Meet Jenny

Introducing Jenny, the visionary behind Jennysong. From her days as a "Super Phone" technician and former restaurant owner and chef, Jenny's journey began in 2014 in the SF Bay Area with a simple mission: to share her culinary passion with the world.

Drawing inspiration from her South Korean upbringing and restaurant experience, Jenny embarked on a quest to create authentic and original sauces using wholesome, real ingredients. Jennysong is the embodiment of Jenny's core values and dedication to healthy eating, quality, and crafting irresistibly delicious foods she proudly shares with others.




Range of Flavors

Savory, tangy, sweet, spicy, umami. There's a flavor out there for you.

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